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The surprising health benefits of a great smile

            The surprising health benefits of a great smile

Do you know that your smile can affect your health as well as your confidence?

Teeth, a smile, everyone has them. But some are more self-conscious about their smile than others. Smiling is something we all do, whether we realise it or not. It’s a way of showing how we feel, a great smile can help us to seem more approachable, more engaging. Someone others want to talk to. But a smile is more than just a way to help you to sparkle, your smile comes with health benefits. Bad oral health has been linked to cardiovascular disease, dementia, respiratory infections, diabetes, kidney disease.

A Great Smile Boosts Your Confidence

Confidence is something that many of us lack. Our smile is the first thing others notice about us, and it’s on display most of the time. If you aren’t happy with how our teeth look it’s easy to be self-conscious about smiling. If we hide our smile from others it’s easy for them to think that we are grumpy and unfriendly. And none of us wants to be that person.

Brightening your smile by brushing your teeth, applying whitening strips, or even getting dental surgery can boost your smile, your mood, and your confidence like nothing else can. While you might have resisted smiling in photos or when you meet new people, you'll now be happy to show off those pearly whites every time someone pulls the camera out. 

This makes you feel more approachable and more willing to put yourself out there. In terms of personal growth, it is astonishing what a smile can do for you. 

A Great Smile Can Improve Oral Health

More importantly, perhaps, a great smile can vastly improve your oral health and reduce the risk of problems later in life. Dental practices like Bowral Street Dental Practicewill tell you that it's vital to brush regularly, floss, and avoid food and drink that are too acidic as it risks damaging the enamel on your teeth and putting your smile at risk. 

If you have crooked teeth, this could also cause problems. Crooked teeth are at a higher risk of causing gum disease and infections, as they are harder to clean, and food can get lodged in them easily. If not removed, this can cause enormous problems for your oral health, and you may need to have teeth removed. 

Braces, mainly invisible braces, can help solve this, and while they may remind you of your teenage years, they can still be useful for adults. 

A Great Smile Can Make You Happier

It's scientifically proven that the mere act of smilingwill make you happier. Knowing that you have the confidence to smile, as well as healthy teeth and gums will give you more reason to smile, too. Because of this, you can smile as often as you like, even when you're feeling down.

But it won't just make you happier. It can also reduce blood pressure, pain, and stress. If you're someone who experienced depression and anxiety, this is important for coping with any negative thoughts. While it may not cure your depression, it's a fantastic step in the right direction. 


While a smile is something that can attract us to people and let us know whether they are friends or foes, a great smile can impact your physical and mental health more than you might expect. From confidence and happiness to minimising the risk of oral health problems throughout life, it's essential to take excellent care of your teeth to let your smile sparkle.

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