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The difference between face serums and moisturisers

            The difference between face serums and moisturisers

Do you need both?

Our environment, health, sleep and nutrition all affect the health of our skin, and we each have different skin concerns. Some of us like to have a daily skincare routine using targeted skincare products that address our skin concerns, and others are happy with a moisturiser and cleanser.

While both serums and moisturisers are effective on their own, the results are even better when used together. But, as with all skincare, it’s a personal choice whether you use one or both.

Serums penetrate deeply into the skin to deliver targeted active ingredients to address your skin concerns.

Serums are problem solvers. A targeted serum is a perfect choice if you have a specific skin issue (uneven skin tone, excessive dryness, wrinkles, sagging, etc.) that you want to resolve.

Moisturisers help protect the skin, bind skin cells together more effectively, and work at the skin’s surface to increase hydration.

All skin needs moisture. If you have oily skin, avoiding moisturiser will only cause your skin to overproduce oil to compensate. If you have dry skin, It’s essential to moisturise to reduce irritation and minimise fine lines.

Moisturisers have larger molecules than a serum, meaning that a moisturiser will not penetrate the skin as far as a serum will. The smaller molecules allow serums to deliver nutrients into the deeper layers of skin that moisturisers don’t reach.

Moisturisers are traditionally creams, which help soften and hydrate the skin by reducing evaporation and locking in moisture.

Moisturisers create a barrier over the top layer of your skin to seal moisture against the skin. Over time this “sealed” moisture absorbs into the skin.

Serums have concentrated ingredients like antioxidants, vitamins, skin brighteners, peptides or exfoliators to repair skin damage.

Serum formulations penetrate the deeper skin layers. You can use a serum to address specific skincare concerns such as ageing, dark spots, fine lines, clogging or dry skin.

Nutrient-dense serum formulations are applied sparingly after cleansing and toning. Wait a minute or two (clean your teeth?), then use your moisturiser or night elixir.

Do you use a serum and moisturiser? Do you know which is best for your skin?

If you’re not sure what would be best for your skin, book a Virtual Consultation, and we can have a chat about your skin concerns and how to get the results you want.